I can't find my courses! Where are they?

I can't find my courses! Where are they?


Sometimes after logging in, you may run into a situation where suddenly you are unable to locate a specific course or any of your courses. First, before diving in, we recommend reviewing the following article to ensure you’re familiar with our interface: Where can I find my courses at Zenva Academy?

If after reviewing the article above you still can't locate your courses, there can be a few reasons for this. We'll outline the most common scenarios where you might not be able to see your course(s) and how to quickly resolve the issue.

However, if none of these suggestions below help, you can contact us at any time to help resolve the issue.


Scenario 1: You accidentally logged in with the wrong account.

Accounts on Zenva Academy are tied to your email address - whether you've signed up for the site through email directly or used one of our social media login options. This means a few things:

  • If you sign up with a different email than the one used for previous transactions, you will essentially create a second account that does not have access to your courses.
  • Social media accounts rely on whatever is set as the primary email. As such:
    • If you change the primary email for the social media login you always use, our system will register this as a new account.
    • If you use a new social media login method that has a different primary email than your usual one, our system will register this as a new account.

The solution to this is to simply ensure that you log in to the same account that you used when you made your course purchase.

If for some reason you are unsure what account you used to purchase or redeem content, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience. When doing so, provide as much information about previous orders as you can, including:

  • Order Numbers
  • Coupon Codes used (Humble Bundle, Fanatical, etc.)
  • The last four digits of any credit cards used
  • Your PayPal email


Scenario 2: You’re on a subscription plan, which may now be canceled or put on hold.

When it comes to subscription plans, you will only maintain access for as long as your subscription is active. To check if your subscription is active, you can view the My Subscription/Subscriptions page under My Account and check the Status field as shown below. You should see the phrase Active if your sub is current.

If your subscription is not active, you may need to:


Scenario 3: Your order through Zenva Academy failed. 

If you made your purchase through the Zenva Academy website, then please make sure that the order transaction actually completed by verifying the charge on whichever payment method you used.

In situations where the order DID NOT complete, you won't see the transaction with your payment provider - or the transaction may show up as canceled.

Unfortunately, if this is the case for you, you won't be able to access courses until the order is completed. Please see the following article for additional help: My payment was declined or I'm having issues with my debit/credit card. What do I do?


Note: This only applies to orders made through Zenva Academy. If you're having order issues with third-party providers such as Humble Bundle, you will need to contact their help desk directly.


Scenario 4: You purchased a Humble Bundle or Fanatical coupon code, but did not redeem the course(s) with it.

Courses that are redeemed using a coupon code that you purchased through sites like Humble Bundle and Fanatical are hosted within the Zenva Academy website/platform itself.

If you are unable to find your Humble Bundle or Fanatical courses, we first suggest double-checking if you have successfully redeemed your coupon code.

Kindly check this article to see the exact steps on how to redeem your Humble Bundle courses.


Scenario 5: You purchased a course/bundle through a 3rd-party website that directly hosts our content.

If the purchase of the course was not made through the Zenva Academy website, please refer to this article: Can I access the courses I've purchased on other websites?


Scenario 6: A single course you’re looking for is already archived.

To keep up with the latest technologies, we occasionally archive courses we no longer consider valuable for students. For those who purchased the course, you can still access it via your Purchased Courses page.

For subscribers, archived courses can be found on the Archived Course page (available under the Courses menu item).

For more information on our archival processes, please view the following article: Course Update Policy.


If none of the situations above describes or resolve your situation, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

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