I purchased courses through Humble Bundle. How do I access them?

I purchased courses through Humble Bundle. How do I access them?

Redemption Instructions for your Zenva courses

Please complete these steps within one year from the time of your purchase.

If you run into any issues during this process or need additional assistance feel free to contact us through our Help Portal.


1. Locate the Product and Tier that you purchased: 

The Complete Unity Game Development Bundle
  1. 2 Item Bundle (Tier 1)
  2. 4 Item Bundle (Tier 2)
  3. 20 Item Bundle (Tier 3)

The Complete Unreal Engine Bundle (2022)

Coding for Kids Bundle (2022)

Intro to Coding Software Bundle (2022)

Stand with Ukraine Bundle

Create 2D and 3D game art with Blender and Photoshop Software Bundle

Supercharge Your Microsoft Excel Skills Software Bundle

Build Roblox Games Software Bundle

  • 1 Item Bundle
    Note: The above link will automatically add the course to your cart. After clicking this link, close this article and follow the instructions in this article instead.

  • 4 Item Bundle

JavaScript & Web Development 2021 Software Bundle

Unity Fantasy Games & Game Dev Assets

Humble Learn Coding to Build Games 2021 Bundle

Humble Intro to Coding 2021 Bundle

Humble Mobile App and Game Bundle

Humble JavaScript Bundle

Humble Game Development Bundle

Humble Intro to Coding Bundle 2020

Humble VR & AR Bundle

Humble Web Development Bundle 

Humble Intro to Code Bundle 

Humble Unity Bundle Zenva Courses

Important Note: For our students' convenience, we have created all-inclusive products for each tier. This means that if, for example, you complete the redemption of a Tier 3 product, all the courses from Tiers 1, 2 and 3 will be added to your account.  You can review the following article for more information: I purchased a Humble Bundle. Do I need to redeem all product tiers?

2. Select Buy Now at the bottom of the page:


3. You’ll be taken to the shopping cart page. Click on Proceed to Checkout, which will take you to the signup/login page.



4. If this is your first time at Zenva, you can create a new account using your email, Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. If you already have an account, you can use the “Sign In to Existing Account” link to login instead.



5. After signing in, you’ll then be taken to the checkout page. Enter your unique redemption code that you received on Humble Bundle. This will make the order free of cost (the total should say $0).



6. Once you’ve entered your redemption code, click on the Checkout button.

Make sure to only click on "Checkout" AFTER you've successfully entered your redemption code as per the screenshot above.



7. After completing the order, you can find your courses via the Purchased Courses page!



If you have any issue with redeeming your code above, you can refer to this article for further assistance: My Humble Bundle code doesn't work anymore. What do I do?