I paid for lifetime access to a course(s). Do I need to get a subscription to continue to access them?

I paid for lifetime access to a course(s). Do I need to get a subscription to continue to access them?


If you purchased a curriculum (i.e. a collection of courses) prior to November 2019, you will continue to be able to access your content as normal without having to buy a subscription. Additionally, for Kickstarter supporters, you can also still redeem your curriculum purchases by following the instructions here: I backed a course on Kickstarter. How do I access it?

Please note, though, that the content of your non-subscription curriculum(s) may differ from its subscription counterpart - as subscription curriculums are evergreen versions where courses will be replaced once they become out of date. For more information about subscription benefits, see the following article.


Individual Courses 

Individual courses are still available for lifetime purchases. If you choose to purchase an individual course (or have done so at any time in the past), you will retain unlimited, 24/7 access to it without having to purchase a subscription.

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