Zenva Terminology: Learning Pathway vs. Course vs. Bundle

Zenva Terminology: Learning Pathway vs. Course vs. Bundle

At Zenva, we offer Learning Pathways, courses, and bundles. This article explains the difference between each of these different educational offerings so that you can choose the one that suits you best.


A course on Zenva is a collection of lesson videos focused on teaching students a specific topic. Generally, a course will focus on one of the following:

  • Teaching specific, foundational development skills - ex: Intro to Game Development with Unity, which focuses on the basics of navigating Unity, adding objects, and so forth for game development
  • Covering a specific aspect of development - ex: Beginning SQL – Store and Query Your Data, which focuses on SQLite databases to further data science knowledge
  • Building a specific sort of project - ex: Develop a Puzzle Platformer Game, which shows you how to build a puzzle-platformer type of game

Individual courses such as these can be purchased from Zenva Academy by using the Buy Now button found at the bottom of the product page. Once purchased, you will be able to view these courses indefinitely. However, course purchases are not evergreen, and may eventually become obsolete. For more information on this, see our Course Update Policy. Individual courses are also available through our subscription service.


Learning Pathway

A Learning Pathway on Zenva is a collection of courses centered around a specific aspect of development. This can include Unity game development, Phaser game development, RPG development, web development, data science, and more. All of our Learning Pathways feature "Mini-Degree" or "Academy" in their product name.

Regardless of development type, all courses chosen for the Learning Pathway will be specifically geared towards developing skills in that area of development and will have an ideal order that they should be completed in.

At this time, Learning Pathways are only available through our all-access packages. However, our current subscription Learning Pathways are kept evergreen, so we constantly update them for free to keep up with the latest and most modern practices. You can view our Course Update Policy for more information.



A bundle on Zenva Academy, like a Learning Pathway, is a collection of courses centered around a specific development focus. These sorts of products all feature "Bundle" in the name (eg. Intro to Programming Bundle). 

There are two key differences between bundles and Learning Pathways:

  1. Certain bundles are offered through Lifetime Access Packages and are not exclusive to subscriptions in all cases. Like individual courses, though, purchased bundles are not evergreen.
  2. Bundles do not always have a guided order for completing courses and are, overall, less comprehensive than a full Learning Pathway.

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