Where can I find Learning Pathway and/or bundle content?

Where can I find Learning Pathway and/or bundle content?

In some cases, you'll have access to a collection of courses all belonging to the same Learning Pathway or bundle. While you'll still take the courses individually, these collections are designed to be organized containers pertaining to certain topics or deals. This way, you can find courses more easily and pursue your personal learning goals that much quicker!

Finding these collections will depend on how you have access to the bundle or Learning Pathway - but both scenarios will be covered below.

Note: You must be a subscriber or have purchased the Learning Pathway/bundle you're looking for in order to have access to the content.


Subscription Learning Pathways

If you're a subscriber, this means you have access to our entire content catalog - including our evergreen Learning Pathways. To access these, you can follow the steps below.

1) Log in to your Zenva Academy account

2) Select Browse All Courses from the Courses dropdown menu.


3) Locate and select the Learning Pathway you're interested in learning from.

You can use the filter categories to the left to find particular topics of interest. Learning Pathways will always be labeled in the top left of the card to identify them from individual courses. We also have a special filter that allows you to filter for Learning Pathways only.


Purchased Bundles

If you've purchased a course or bundle, you can find these by:

1) Logging in to your Zenva Academy account

2) Going to your Purchased Courses page from the My Courses dropdown menu.


3) Selecting the applicable bundle you'd like to start! These will usually have "Bundle", "Mini-Degree", or "Academy" in the course title.


After Accessing

Once you access the content through either method, you'll find lots of helpful information about the Learning Pathway bundle on its home page. This includes:

Amount of Courses, Duration, and Level



Overview of the Learning Pathway


List of Learning Pathway Courses

By clicking the course, you'll be quickly taken to the course's home page to start learning from it. You may wish to review this article before starting: What order should I complete my courses in?



Note: For individual courses you own outside a Learning Pathway, they can also be found under Purchased Courses as shown above.

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