What order should I complete my courses in?

What order should I complete my courses in?

For bundles and Learning Pathways, we recommend completing courses in the order that they are presented within that bundle or Learning Pathway. You can find this order by reviewing the steps below. However, this is not required, and you're ultimately welcome to complete courses in any order that match your interests or skill level.

Note that if you purchased individual courses outside a Learning Pathway or bundle, we are unable to provide any guidance for the appropriate order. However, each course does contain a text lesson of recommended prerequisites to make sure you have the skills needed to proceed with the course.


Locating Course Listing Order for Learning Pathways/Bundles

1. Navigate to the Learning Pathway's course home page.

This step will depend a bit on the type of user you are.

For subscription users, if you haven't started the Learning Pathway yet, you can locate it by going to the Browse All Courses page and selecting it.


For non-subscription users, you can find your Learning Pathway or bundle purchases you haven't started via the Purchased Courses area:


For both types of users, if you've already started the Learning Pathway/bundle, you can find it on your My Learning page as well.

2. Scroll down to the Courses section. This will display the courses part of the Learning Pathway/bundle in our recommended order!

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