What if I am having trouble with the course content?

What if I am having trouble with the course content?

Our courses are 100% self-guided educational resources, just like books or other educational media. As such, we have some expectations that our students will be able to search online for technical questions if they get stuck, or if their project isn't functioning as designed.

Having said so, we do offer an AI Tutor that can help make this process easier. The AI Tutor is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. It's designed to offer real-time support and respond to your inquiries as you advance through our courses. With full access to all course content, it guarantees precise and pertinent information whenever you require it.

Below, we'll cover how you can access the AI Tutor and use it to enhance your learning experience.

Please note that the AI Tutor cannot help with customer service related inquires - please submit a ticket to our help desk instead. Additionally, our AI Tutor cannot help with technical problems such as broken videos or missing files. In these cases, submit a Course Issue Report following the instructions here: How do I report a problem with a course?

Accessing the AI Tutor

There are two ways to access the AI Tutor from the course.

Note: If you do not see the AI Tutor, it is likely that the course in question is older and features deprecated material we no longer support. In those cases, there isn't much we can do regarding technical questions. For more information on archived courses, please see our Course Update Policy.

The Course Home Page

You can access the AI Tutor from the course home page by performing the following steps.

1. Navigate to your My Learning page from the top menu under the My Courses dropdown menu.


2. Select the course you're stuck on. In our example, we'll be using Intro to Game Development with Unity, but you should select whichever course you're having trouble with.


3. On the course's home page, click the AI Tutor tab.

The Lesson Page

You can also access the AI Tutor directly from the lesson page of any course.

1. Navigate to your My Learning page from the top menu under the My Courses dropdown menu.

2. Select the course you're stuck on.

3. Select any lesson from the course (it doesn't have to be the exact lesson where you got stuck).

4. Select the AI Tutor tab from the menu under the lesson content.


How to Use the AI Tutor

Using the AI Tutor is fairly simple and like interacting with any other chatbot.

1. First, type in your question into the text area.

2. Hit Send and wait for the chatbot's response. The more information you can provide the chatbot (such as code snippets of your code), the easier it will be for the AI Chatbot to resolve.

3.Continue chatting as long as needed. The chatbot remembers the conversation!

If at anytime you'd like to reset the chat, you simply can just hit the Reset Chat button to perform this action. This can be especially useful for instances where the chatbot may be getting confused and focusing on earlier conversation items vs. newer more immediate problems.

You can also provide us feedback about the chatbot. You can give each response a thumbs up or thumbs down. You can also submit more detailed feedback by accessing our form, which is linked above the AI Tutor.

Sending us feedback helps a lot in improving the service for everyone!

Notes About AI Tutor Limitations

Please note that the AI Tutor does have some limitations to be aware of:
  1. AI is cutting-edge technology. Consequently, AI doesn't always get it right. Be sure to verify responses it gives you as it may struggle with certain intermediate topics.
  2. The AI Tutor only has access to the content relevant to that course. You can't use it to solve a different course's issues.
  3. Our AI Tutor has limited capacity in providing help with expanding the course material beyond what we provide. Use new feature suggestions with caution.
  4. This chatbot cannot help with broken videos, missing course files, or any sort of glitches present with the site itself. Please submit a course issue report form instead: How do I report a problem with a course?
  5. The AI Tutor is not equipped to handle customer service questions (such as sales, refunds, etc.). Please submit a ticket to our help desk instead.
  6. The AI Tutor may not be available on older, archived courses.

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