What if I am having trouble with the course content?

What if I am having trouble with the course content?

Our courses are 100% self-guided educational resources, just like books or other educational media. As such, we have some expectations that our students will be able to search online for technical answers if they get stuck, or if their project isn't functioning as designed.

Having said so, for Zenva subscribers only, we have a special Course Support area for students to use when there are questions about the course content. This allows you to not only interact with other students so that you can help each other, but also puts you in contact with our course mentors who can provide further guidance regarding the issues you're experiencing.

Please note that while our team does their best to provide help in a timely manner, we can't guarantee a response time or that all questions will be addressed, especially questions that don't specifically relate to the course material.


You can find out how to access the Course Support area below. However, please keep in mind this area is for discussions about understanding and implementing the course materials. For more technical site-related issues, such as missing videos, missing files, playback issues, or similar, refer to this article: How do I report a problem with a course?


To find the Course Support area, follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to your My Learning page from the top menu under the My Courses dropdown menu.


2. Select the course you're stuck on. In our example, we'll be using Intro to Game Development with Unity, but you should select whichever course you're having trouble with.


3. On the course's home page, click the Course Support tab.


4. Enter your question and post the comment. Note that the more information you provide (including code and screenshots), the better our course mentors will be able to help!


Note: If you do not see the Course Support area or only see a Support Archive tab, it is likely that the course in question is older and features deprecated material we no longer support. In those cases, there isn't much we can do regarding technical questions. For more information on archived courses, please see our Course Update Policy. Please also note, once again, that Course Support is limited to subscribers and not available to non-subscribers.

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