I bought lifetime access but my course was archived! Why?

I bought lifetime access but my course was archived! Why?

Besides our subscription, we often offer lifetime access versions of individual courses, curriculums (through Kickstarter), third-party bundles (through sites like Humble Bundle), or similar.

When purchasing lifetime access, you are purchasing the content as-is. While we may provide some updates during the lifespan of the course, eventually we will choose to archive the course when it no longer meets our quality standards. From that point, the course will receive no further updates.

However, even when a course is archived, you will still maintain your lifetime access to it and can continue to learn from the content. While the archival reason for each course is different, not all are archived due to outdated material - some courses will continue to provide good learning opportunities for quite a while!

For more information about how we update our courses, we recommend checking out our Course Update Policy.
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