How can I save a course for later?

How can I save a course for later?

Zenva offers a massive library of courses on a variety of subjects you might be interested in. Likewise, it can be very easy to get into situations where you'll find courses you want to take later - but don't have time to take right now.

With our save for later feature, you can easily bookmark any course and find it quickly once you have time to advance your learning.

 Important: Saving a course for later does not guarantee access. If you AREN'T a Zenva subscriber, you will need to purchase the subscription or buy the course itself in order to actually access the course materials.

How to Save Courses for Later

Saving courses for later is as easy as finding a course via our Shop page, search, your Purchased Courses page, or your My Learning page and selecting the little bookmark icon in the course card's bottom right-hand corner.

Once clicked, this will add it to your Bookmarked Courses list in My Learning (covered below). You can un-bookmark any course by simply repeating the same action described here.

Finding Bookmarked Courses

At any time, you can find your bookmarked courses by:

1) Going to your My Learning page from the My Courses dropdown menu.


2) Selecting the Bookmarks tab. This will show you every course you've saved for later. As mentioned, you can also click the same bookmark icon from before to remove them from this list.

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