Does my subscription end if my credit card expires or is cancelled?

Does my subscription end if my credit card expires or is cancelled?

A credit card expiring or being canceled DOES NOT necessarily put an end to your subscription. Some payment methods, such as Stripe, have what's called Automatic Collection and might bill your new credit card if the card on file fails. This may be the case even if you've never saved that new card in our checkout.

As such, while your subscription will be terminated eventually on non-payment, our payment methods might make multiple charge attempts before that happens. In other cases, charges will succeed and you will be charged as normal.

We strongly recommend that, if you want to end your subscription, you follow these steps and don't assume that because your card expired, your subscription has also ended.

If you're still interested in keeping your subscription, but need to update your payment information, you can follow this article instead to do so: How do I change my payment method for my subscription?

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