General Issue Troubleshooting

General Issue Troubleshooting

On very rare occasions, some users may run across a bug with our website, including but not limited to: strange layout glitches, buttons not appearing, and so forth. Should you run across an issue like this, your first step should be to try one of the troubleshooting tips below. These generally account for the majority of scenarios and can expedite fixing the website for you. 

If you're specifically experiencing issues with our videos, however, we recommend this article instead: One or more of the videos are not playing. What should I do?


Basic Troubleshooting Tips

  • Verify that JavaScript is enabled on your browser. Our site will not work if JavaScript is disabled or affected by any plugins.
  • Verify that no plugins are affecting our website's CSS
  • Clear your current browser's cache
  • Disable extensions and plugins for your browser
  • Try our website on a different browser
  • Try our website on a different internet connection (preferably using a different ISP).
  • If it is legal to do so in your country, try our website using a VPN

If none of the above tips solve your problem, please reach out to our help desk at your earliest convenience so that we can further investigate the information.

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