One or more of the videos are not playing. What should I do?

One or more of the videos are not playing. What should I do?

Zenva Academy uses Bunny as the video provider for our 2017 and onward catalog of courses and onward (while older courses mostly utilize Vimeo). If you're having playback issues of any sort, the following sections below will outline basic troubleshooting tips. If none of the tips work, however, please reach out to us so that we can investigate the issue further.


General Troubleshooting Tips

  • Try again later. While we are sorry for the inconvenience, our third-party video providers do often have glitches with their servers simply due to poor internet infrastructure in certain areas. Oftentimes, video playing glitches will be temporary and resolve on their own.
  • Check your internet speed at the time the videos are having loading issues.
  • See if the same problem occurs on a different web browser (that is not a beta version, as these are not supported by our site)
  • Clear the cache in your current browser
  • Ensure JavaScript is enabled for your browser and that no plugins are interfering with its operation
  • Confirm if the issue still occurs on a different device (another PC, a phone, etc.)
  • Confirm if the issue still occurs while using a different internet connection with a different ISP.  Please note that even if your internet works fine for other sites, your ISP may have chosen to block or throttle necessary files on our site. 

Vimeo Playback Problems

Some causes for being unable to play Vimeo videos specifically on the Zenva site are:

  • Certain browser plugins block scripts from third-party sites, which in turn could block Vimeo
  • Some networks have Vimeo blocked, such as school networks - in which case our videos would be unable to load
  • Vimeo may be blocked in your country, which would prevent our videos from loading 
  • Proxies, as they are not supported for use with Vimeo, may sometimes result in a privacy error being displayed when trying to play a video

Please be sure to check the Vimeo Playback Issues page which offers solutions to most issues.


However, if you can play videos on Vimeo successfully, but are still having issues with playing them on our site, or continue to have a problem with a video even after trying the steps above, please contact us at your earlier convenience so we can investigate further.

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