What payment methods are accepted?

What payment methods are accepted?

For purchases on Zenva Academy, we currently accept payments through PayPal and via Credit and Debit Cards (through Stripe). As both PayPal and Stripe are third-party providers, make sure to comply with their own Terms and Conditions when choosing a method of payment.

Below, you can see a quick guide on selecting the desired payment method for your purchase.


To select credit cards/debit cards through Stripe:

Choose the Credit and Debit Cards (Stripe) option in the Payment section and enter your card details. With this option, you can also save your card information for future purchases!


Note: Even if you don't select to save the payment information, our system will still save it internally in the cases of subscriptions. You will need to cancel your subscription to prevent auto-renewals.

To select PayPal:

Choose the PayPal option in the Payment section and hit the PayPal button that appears. This will take you to PayPal's secure checkout area to finish the transaction.

Note: Our system cannot publically display saved PayPal information, but this is saved internally in the cases of subscriptions. You will need to cancel your subscription to prevent auto-renewals.
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