What is Zenva's refund policy?

What is Zenva's refund policy?

As per the Terms and Conditions that govern our services and that are accepted by everyone using our platform, our refund policy for Zenva Academy purchases is outlined below:

1. Non-subscription payments

We offer a 7-day refund period for purchases of non-subscription products such as single courses or the Lifelong Access package. To request a refund on a course, submit a ticket via our helpdesk https://helpza.zenva.com including the following information:
(a) your account name and order number;
(b) your PayPal or Stripe transaction number; and
(c) the date of your purchase.

2. Subscription payments

Subscription payments, including automatic renewals, are final and non-refundable. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time directly from the Zenva Academy website by following these steps.

3. Purchases through Partners

Purchases made through third-party websites and platforms such as Kickstarter, Humble Bundle, or Fanatical are non-refundable, and governed by those websites' own terms. We recommend contacting those third-party partners directly via their own customer service portals if you need further information.

However, we can provide assistance in cases where coupon codes for Zenva from our partners did not apply during the redemption process. Please contact our helpdesk as soon as possible in those situations.

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