Troubleshooting Cloudflare Issues

Troubleshooting Cloudflare Issues

At Zenva, we aim to ensure that accessing our content is straightforward and hassle-free. However, if you encounter a situation where you're blocked from our services by Cloudflare, please follow the steps outlined below before opening a support ticket. These steps will help us assist you more effectively and potentially resolve your issue quicker.

Step 1: Try a Different Browser

First, attempt to access the content using a different browser that doesn't have any extensions enabled. Browser extensions can interfere with web traffic and might trigger Cloudflare’s security measures.

Here’s how to disable extensions in most browsers:
  1. Chrome: Go to chrome://extensions/ and disable all extensions.
  2. Firefox: Go to about:addons and disable all extensions.
  3. Safari: Go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions and uncheck all extensions.
After disabling the extensions, try accessing the content again.

Step 2: Try a Different Device and Internet Connection

If changing browsers doesn’t solve the issue, please try the following:
  1. Switch to a different device: Use a different computer or a mobile device.
  2. Change your internet connection: If you were initially using a WiFi connection, switch to a cellular data connection (e.g., 4G). Ensure that WiFi is disabled on your mobile device during this test.
This step helps determine whether the problem is related to your current IP address. Cloudflare may temporarily block IP addresses that it deems a security threat.

Understanding Blocks

Cloudflare may occasionally present CAPTCHAs as part of its security measures. Failing these CAPTCHAs—or triggers related to network configuration, previous history of your IP address (by you or other users in your ISP), or your browsing activity on other websites—may result in your IP being temporarily blocked. If this occurs, another effective troubleshooting step is to:

Wait a few hours: Sometimes, simply waiting a few hours can resolve the block as Cloudflare's restrictions might be lifted once the network activity is deemed normal again.

What to do if your IP is blocked

Because we take privacy and security seriously:
  1. We cannot whitelist individual IP addresses.
  2. We do not have the capability to override Cloudflare’s security protocols.
These measures ensure that we maintain a high standard of security and privacy for all our users. Cloudflare blocks are generally temporary and are lifted once the threat is no longer detected.

If your IP is blocked, you will need to use a different IP to access our service. 

When to Open a Support Ticket

  1. ✅ Do open a support ticket if multiple IP address (using different devices in each) are blocked
  2. ❌ Don't open a support ticket if you haven't tested all the steps outlined in this article (as that is the first thing our team will ask you to do)
  3. ❌ Don't open a support ticket if a single IP address is blocked. Unfortunately, there is nothing our Customer Support team can do about it.

If you are blocked by our website (not by Cloudflare) due to multiple login attempts, please visit this other article.

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