I purchased courses through Fanatical. How do I access them?

I purchased courses through Fanatical. How do I access them?

Redemption Instructions for your Zenva courses

Please complete these steps within one year from the time of your purchase.

If you run into any issues during this process or need additional assistance feel free to contact us through our Help Portal.

1. Locate the Product that you purchased.

Clicking the link below will add it automatically to your cart. Please note that the steps in this article must be done for each product separately.


Intro to Coding Pick & Mix Bundle

Excel Pick & Mix Bundle

Pick-and-Mix - Build your own RPG Bundle

Pick-and-Mix - VR/AR Bundle

Python Programming Bundle

Unity Programming Bundle

Full-Stack Web Development Bundle

Creating Game Artwork eLearning Bundle

  1. Create Vector Game Artwork with Inkscape
  2. Intro to 3D Modeling with Blender
  3. Intro to Pixel Art with Photoshop
  4. Intro to ProBuilder
  5. Intro to Rigging Models in Blender
  6. Practical Pixel Art Techniques in Photoshop
  7. Intro to Game Design
  8. Level Design for Beginners
Data Science & Machine Learning eLearning Bundle


2. You’ll be taken to the shopping cart page. Click on Proceed to Checkout, which will prompt you to sign in.




5. Enter your unique redemption code that you received from Fanatical. Hit Apply Coupon to apply the code.


6. Verify the coupon applied correctly and hit Checkout.

If the coupon applied, you should see the total reflected as $0. This will also make the payment methods area disappear, and you'll be able to complete your order without having to enter a credit card or a PayPal account.

Make sure to only click on "Checkout" AFTER you've successfully entered your redemption code as per the screenshot above.


7. After completing the order, you can find your courses via the Purchased Courses page!


If you have any issue with redeeming your code above, you can refer to this article for further assistance: My Fanatical code doesn't work anymore. What do I do?