I am planning to delete my Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account. How can I continue to access my courses?

I am planning to delete my Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account. How can I continue to access my courses?

Upon signing up for the Zenva Academy site with your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account, we receive the email address that you had registered with those services. 

  • In the case of Google, the email address registered with our site is either your Gmail address or your Google Apps email address
  • In the case of Facebook, the email address registered with our site would be whichever email address is set as the primary email address in their system.
  • In the case of LinkedIn, the email address you registered to LinkedIn with is the email Zenva will have access to.

If you plan on deleting one of those accounts and used it to sign up to Zenva Academy, all you need to do is make sure that the email address registered with us is one that you'll have access to in the future (for password recovery, for example). 

You can verify this, or modify your email address in the Zenva Academy, by navigating to My Account. You can also set up a new password there if you no longer plan to use one of the sites for your login means.

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