How do I find out what frameworks and tools being used in a course?

How do I find out what frameworks and tools being used in a course?

In order to remain transparent about the engines, frameworks, libraries, and similar that we're using for our courses, you can find a list of tools with their version numbers for each course on the course's product page and on the course's home page (available after purchasing the course or subscribing).

Below will show you where to go to find the tools and version number(s) in each case.

Note: You may first wish to review Zevna Terminology: Learning Pathway vs. Course vs. Bundle to learn the differences between products offered on our storefront.

Product Page

1) Locate the course you want to look at. You can find our courses on our Browse All Courses page under the top menu item Courses.

From there, you simply need to select the card of the course you want to view.

2) On the Product page, select the Requirements tab. From there, you will find version information listed under the Tools and Frameworks heading.


Course Page

Important Note: You must own the course you're looking to find this information.

1) Locate the course you want to look at. You can find these either via the Browse All Courses page (described above), your My Learning from the My Courses dropdown menu, or your Purchased Courses page from the My Courses dropdown menu. 


2) Select the course you wish to know the version for (it does not have to be the one used in the image below).

3) Select the Overview tab


4) Look to the Frameworks and Tools section at the top of Overview to find the version information regarding engines, frameworks, libraries, and so forth used in the course.

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