How can I download the source code, or asset files, for my course?

How can I download the source code, or asset files, for my course?

Most of our courses provide downloadable files that can be used in conjunction with the course. This includes materials such as:

  1. Finished project files
  2. Assets used in the course's project
  3. Text-based summaries of the video lessons for the entire course
  4. Presentation materials
  5. ... and more!
Course Files can be found on the course homepage after you've signed in and accessed your course via the instructions below.


How to access and download your course files

  1. Login to your Zenva Academy account and click My Learning under the My Courses dropdown menu. 

  2. Select the course you'd like to access the course files for. In our example below, we will be using the VR Game Development 101 course. You should select the course you want files for, however.

  3. After the course page opens, select the Course Files tab.

  4. The course files available for the course are then displayed. Click on them to download them. 

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