What are lesson notes and where can I find them?

What are lesson notes and where can I find them?

Lesson notes are summaries of our video lessons in a text format, which feature instructions, code, and important screenshots from the video lessons. They provide an alternative way to learn the content and help cement the knowledge that you learn in your courses. Lesson notes may also be used to explain important changes to a lesson's instructions or code, so we encourage students to check them frequently.

These summaries come at no extra cost to enrolled students, and are there to help you learn in whatever way suits you best! As a bonus, lesson summaries can also be downloaded as PDFs - so you can continue to learn on the go as needed.


To locate these written guides:

Click the Lesson Notes button below the video. 


This will open a window next to the video with that particular lesson's summary. This window can be resized as needed so you can have the summaries open to follow along with as you watch the video. Additionally, by using the button in the upper right corner of the lesson summary, you can download the lesson summaries for the entire course in a convenient PDF file.

If the course is new and you don't see lesson summaries for it yet, don't worry - they're on our schedule and will be added soon!

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