How can I download/share my Certificate of Completion for my course?

How can I download/share my Certificate of Completion for my course?

After completing a course or applicable Learning Pathway, you will receive a Certificate of Completion as proof of having completed those lessons. This certificate can be used to help verify your skills to prospective employers and instill confidence in your knowledge. The certificate is available in a PDF format, and you also have the option to share it on LinkedIn.

Note: By default, Certificates of Completion will not contain your name. You need to register the name you want displayed by following the instructions in this article: How can I change the name on my certificate?

To obtain your completion, do the following: 

  1. Navigate to My Learning under the My Courses dropdown menu.

  2. Click on Completed to show your completed courses, bundles, and Learning Pathways.

  3. Access the target course or Learning Pathway. For our example, we'll use the Unity 2D Projects - Space Attackers course. Your course choice should be the one you want to download the certificate for.

From here, you can select View Certificate to save it and print it. You will then have it available for your records for whatever you need. 

You also have the option of sharing the certificate to your LinkedIn profile by clicking Share certificate on LinkedIn. Please note that this will not export the course to the education section on your LinkedIn profile - it will only be shared to your wall. We strongly recommend that you add your completed courses to the education section of your LinkedIn profile manually.  

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