How can I change the billing details for my account?

How can I change the billing details for my account?

At times, you may find that you need to change the billing details for your account. This may be the case if you are changing your billing address, home address, or even phone number. You will also need to update these billing details if you're generating an invoice and require your address to be on the invoice.

In order to change the billing details listed for your account, complete the following steps:

1) Navigate to My Account.


2) Click Billing Address on the left-hand side of your My Account page.


3) Click the Edit button in order to edit your billing address. If you've never added a billing address before, the button may say Add instead.


4) Update all required fields with relevant information. As a note, you can optionally enter your VAT, or any other tax-related identifier if needed, in the Company Name field.

Once done, hit Save Address to save the billing address.


After saving the address, you can repeat these steps at any time to change the information.

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