Can I reset the progress I have made on a course?

Can I reset the progress I have made on a course?

Yes! You can reset your course progress to 0% at any time, causing the course to return to a state similar to when you first accessed it (i.e. no lessons will be marked as complete and you can begin it as new).

 Some reasons you might want to reset the progress on a course may be:

  • You completed the course a while ago, and you may want to begin again from the beginning as a means to refresh your knowledge
  • You would like to retake the course, but also keep track of the progress made on this run
  • You may have left off on the course a while ago, and feel it would be best to start again from the beginning

Regardless of the reason, before proceeding please note that once progress is reset, this CANNOT be undone. Additionally, if reset, the course will disappear from your My Learning page until you start the course again (you can still find it as described here).


In order to reset the progress you have made on a course, do the following

  1. Navigate to My Learning under the My Courses dropdown menu.

  2. Access the target course. For our example, we'll use the Intro to Coding with Python Turtle course. Your course choice should be the one you want to reset.

  3. Use the Reset Course Progress button located above the course curriculum 

  4. Regardless of your browser, you should receive a pop-up that asks you to confirm you'd like to reset your progress. Confirm that you would like to reset your course progress back to 0% by selecting OK. Remember, this cannot be undone.


Once completed, your course progress should be completely reset and ready for you to learn from it fresh!


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