Zenva for Schools

Zenva for Schools

Coding is becoming increasingly popular in schools across the globe.

It’s the key to helping kids and teenagers to build skills that will set them up for success in today’s technology-driven society, and is known to supercharge skills in other areas, including math, literacy, science, the creative arts, teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking.


Create with Code

Zenva Schools is designed to both support Grades 3-12 students and to provide industry professional development for educators.

You’ll cover popular topics that are in high demand throughout a variety of different fields:

🏆 Learn coding basics with the world’s most popular coding languages like Python, JavaScript, and C#

🏆 Build games with popular engines like Unity, Roblox, Unreal, and Phaser

🏆 Discover immersive technologies as you create VR and AR applications


Designed for Easy Learning

Gain access to learning materials that feature: 

  • Real projects (build your own games, apps, websites, and more)
  • On-demand video lessons 
  • Full source code & project files 
  • Downloadable written guides
  • Live coding in the browser 
  • In-course quizzes 
  • Compatibility with all modern devices


How to Join

Zenva Schools has been designed to make it as easy as possible for teachers and schools to join, and simple to implement in the classroom.

Get in touch and we can arrange custom invoicing and easy access to our courses:

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