What are the differences between the Zenva Academy website and the Zenva app?

What are the differences between the Zenva Academy website and the Zenva app?

Although the Zenva Academy website and Zenva app both allow you to watch any of the course content you own, there are some key differences to make note of. We have outlined the main points below:

  • Due to rules and guidelines for mobile apps, courses and subscriptions cannot be purchased through the app.
  • The Zenva app allows you to download your video content and watch your videos offline while on the go. This ability is not available on the Zenva Academy website, though you can still access the site through your mobile browser and internet connection.
  • Given the difficulty in coding on a mobile device and some tools (like Unity) not being available via mobile, project files are not accessible through the Zenva app. These can only be downloaded directly from the Zenva Academy website.
  • While lesson summaries can be viewed as plain text, you will not be able to download PDF versions of them through the Zenva app.
  • There is no ability to access the course support area through the Zenva app, so questions will still have to be asked directly through the Zenva Academy website.
  • Offline players for both Android and iOS do not have the ability to adjust the playback speed.
  • The offline player for iOS does not have the ability to show Closed Captions due to limitations in the player itself.

Please note that these differences are subject to change in the future as we continue to work out bugs and/or potentially add features.

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