How to Install Node.js and NPM

How to Install Node.js and NPM

This article will briefly cover how to install Node.js and NPM for your computer. Note that NPM and Node.js are packaged together, so you only need to install one element.

1. Head to the Node.js website at
2. By default, your OS should be selected. As such, you only need to hit the green download button for the latest LTS.

3. Once the file finishes downloading, double-click the downloaded file to start the installation process.
4. Follow through the installation prompts which will have you accept the license, choose an installation location, and select features to be installed. In most cases, the default selections should be fine.

5. After the install, we'll want to verify Node installed successfully. Start by opening any Command Prompt/Terminal on your computer.

6. Enter the following into the command prompt and hit enter:
  1. node -v
If Node.js is installed, the Command Prompt should reply back with the version you have installed!

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