How to generate your affiliate links

How to generate your affiliate links

After becoming a Zenva Affiliate Partner, you gain access to the Affiliate Dashboard where you can generate your affiliate links.

Affiliate links allow you to create unique product links that not only help you promote Zenva Academy offerings, but also allow us to track which product sales resulted from your membership in the Zenva Affiliate Program. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to use only the unique affiliate links generated for your account so that we can accurately and quickly provide you with your affiliate benefits. 

Important: Affiliate URL's only work on the Zenva Academy website ( They do not work for any third-party courses, our blogs, or similar.


Generating your Unique Affiliate Links Automatically

The steps below will outline how to generate an Affiliate URL.

1) Access your Affiliate Dashboard

2) From the Affiliate Dashboard, select the Affiliate URLs sub-section.


3) Select a product from the Zenva Academy site that you'd like to host on your web platform. Note that both courses and the subscription itself can have affiliate links generated.


4) Copy the URL of this product, then go to your Affiliate Dashboard and paste this URL into the Page URL field. Then, hit the Generate URL button. The Referral URL field will provide you with your unique affiliate link.



Generating your Unique Affiliate Links Manually

You can also manually create your affiliate links by following the steps below.

1) On the Affiliate Dashboard, locate your affiliate ID.



2) Once you have your affiliate ID, just add the "a" URL parameter to any Zenva Academy URL.

For example, if the affiliate ID is 1 and you want to create an affiliate URL for the Zenva Academy homepage, you can simply append it to the end of the URL:

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