How do I download a video for offline viewing?

How do I download a video for offline viewing?

With the Zenva app (available for Android and iOS), you are able to download any of the videos from your courses and view them offline as much as you would like. You can either download an individual lesson's video or download an entire course's set of videos.

Please note, however, this service is not available on the Zenva Academy website itself - and is a perk only available in the Zenva app.

How to Download Videos for Offline Viewing

  • To download an individual lesson's video, you can click the cloud icon next to the lesson name.
  • To download an entire course's videos, you can simply click the Download All button located on the course page.




Regardless of choice, once selected, you will receive a pop-up that shows the progress of your download.

Keep in mind, though, that downloading the videos on a metered connection could use up all your data allowance. Thus, it is recommended that you download video files while in the presence of a stable WiFi internet connection.

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