How do I claim my all-access package benefit of $100 free credit voucher for DigitalOcean

How do I claim my all-access package benefit of $100 free credit voucher for DigitalOcean

For a limited time only, Zenva subscribers can access a $100 free credit voucher for DigitalOcean - cloud services you can use to host websites, deploy multiplayer games to, use for web apps or API backends, and more!



In order to obtain this benefit, please consider the following requirements:

  • You must have an active (non-expired/no payment holds) Zenva subscription.
  • This voucher can only be redeemed on new DigitalOcean accounts.
  • The credit is only valid for 180 days from redemption.


Step-by-step instructions:

Follow the steps below once you've made sure that your subscription is active.


Step 1

Navigate to the Zenva Academy website and log in to your subscriber account.


Step 2

Once logged in, go to this page: 


Step 3

Follow the on-page instructions to redeem your voucher!

Note: If you are unable to access the page above, kindly make sure that you are logged in and have an active subscription.



If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Support team through this link.

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