How do I access the Codemurai content I received as part of my course?

How do I access the Codemurai content I received as part of my course?

Codemurai is our sister app with modules based on coding topics that can help supplement your learning - and as a mobile app, all of this can be learned on the go. Both older curriculum purchases and subscription plans come with access to various Codemurai modules. This article will focus on how you can unlock those modules.


To unlock and access these bonus lessons on Codemurai, follow these steps 

  1. Install Codemurai for Android or iOS

  2. Launch the Codemurai application on your device

  3. Sign up for an account on Codemurai 

    • If you enter a password on Zenva Academy to sign-in, then you can use the same password on Codemurai by selecting the Sign-up with Zenva Academy option. You can review this article for further instructions: Codemurai and Logging in with Zenva Academy

    • If you use the Google+/Facebook methods of logging into Zenva Academy, then you won't be able to use the Sign-up with Zenva Academy option. You can however make a new account on Codemurai with whatever email address you wish.

  4. Once you complete signing up, click on Settings on the side menu.

  5. Under the Coupon Codes section, enter the coupon code in the field and click Apply. The location of the coupon code can be found:
    • For non-subscribers who purchased old curriculums, it can be found in the lesson titled Codemurai Access Instructions in the respective curriculums intro module.
    • For subscribers, this can be found on the appropriate Subscribers Benefit page.


You are now good to go! The lessons provided by the course are unlocked for your Codemurai account and ready to be learned from.

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