How are affiliates paid, and when?

How are affiliates paid, and when?

This article will describe how and when affiliates are paid. If you're not yet an affiliate, you can review this article first for more information on becoming one: Becoming a Zenva Affiliate Partner


Method of Payment

As a member of our affiliate program, payment is made to you through PayPal. We currently do not have any other methods of providing payment in place.


Payment Period

Payments to our affiliate members are made on the month subsequent to the month after the sale occurred.

For example, if an affiliated-promoted sale took place in the month of May, then the commission for that sale would be paid in the month of July -- not June. 

This principle also applies to subscription sales, which give you a commission for the first three recurring monthly payments that the user carries out.  If a user subscribes and pays in January, and then makes payments in February, March, and April as well, then the commission for that subscription sale would be paid in March, April, May, and June respectively for each individual order/payment.



For an affiliate account to be eligible for payment, the affiliate account must reach a minimum balance of $100 in affiliate commissions.

This only applies for the initial payment to begin. Once that minimum balance is reached, the affiliate account will receive a payment each month, regardless of the volume and dollar amount of the sales that take place for their account. 



Affiliate members are excluded from partaking in an affiliate-related sale or using their affiliate account on their own personal purchases. This means that an affiliate member is not allowed to use their own affiliate links when completing a purchase on the Zenva Academy website.

We have a fraud detection system in place to bar such occurrences from happening, and any fraud attempts will result in a permanent closure of your Zenva Academy account.

For more information, see our Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

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