Do I need to purchase additional software or hardware to use the courses?

Do I need to purchase additional software or hardware to use the courses?

The majority of our courses use free, open-source software and tools. We'll often even guide you in our courses through downloading, installing, and setting up these tools. The only thing you require is a computer able to run the programs, a modern web browser, and a stable internet connection.

However, there are a few notable exceptions we will note below:

  • Unity is only free for developers earning less than $100K. For hobbyists and those just starting out, this is generally fine.
  • Unreal Engine is currently free to use, but monetization does require you to pay royalties if your product earns over $1,000,000.
  • Any Excel-based requires you to have Microsoft Excel.
  • Any Photoshop-based course requires you to have a license for Photoshop CC.
  • VR courses can be done without a VR headset, but in most cases, testing is more beneficial with one.
  • The majority of AR courses do require a compatible device in order to test the applications shown in the courses. As this varies with each course, it's best to check with that course individually for requirements.
  • Certain web services like Azure, MongoDB, ChatGPT, and similar offer a free tier - but may incur charges should you wish to expand beyond the course content.

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