Can we increase/decrease the playback speed of the course videos?

Can we increase/decrease the playback speed of the course videos?

You can adjust the playback speed for any video on our website - whether you need it faster or slower to suit your learning needs. Simply follow the instructions below depending on the video player the course you're watching is using.

Please keep in mind that f you make the playback speed faster, you may experience buffering issues. There is, unfortunately, little we can do regarding this - as playback is dependent on your internet speed and the stability of Azure services in your area.


Azure Video Player (2017 Courses and Current)

From the video screen, locate the icon that looks like a Stopwatch. Once clicked, you can then select the Playback Speed you wish to use for the video.


Vimeo Video Player (Pre-2017 Courses)

For our pre-2017 courses (supported with Vimeo), you can change the playback speed by selecting the Gear Icon in the bottom right and then selecting the Speed option. This will allow you to select available playback speeds for your video.


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