Becoming a Zenva Affiliate Partner

Becoming a Zenva Affiliate Partner

Interested in joining our affiliate program? You can now supplement your income by promoting any course or product that you see on Zenva Academy - including our subscription. 

For the sale of any Zenva Academy stand-alone product generated through your affiliate links, you will receive a 30% commission*

Starting the 1st of December 2019, any affiliate orders that include any of our subscription plans** will receive a 30% commission* of the first three recurring monthly payments that the user carries out.

 * Affiliates must earn a minimum affiliate commission balance of $100 or greater before their account is eligible for payment. View full terms and conditions of the Zenva Academy Affiliate Program here.

** Subscription orders will be treated in the same way as any other order when it comes to refunds and/or payment gateway reversals.


Quick steps to registering as an affiliate

  1. Review the Terms and Conditions for joining the Zenva Affiliate Program
  2. Navigate to our Zenva Affiliate Area and fill out the form shown there and as described below.
    a) Your name, username, and account email will all be auto-populated for you. However, if needed, you can change your Name.
    b) For Payment Email, enter the email you use for PayPal
    c) For Website URL, enter the website that you will be listing Zenva Academy products on
    d) Fill out how you plan on promoting Zenva Academy.
    e) Agree to both our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy

    Once all information is entered, simply hit Register to complete registration.


After you've completed the above steps, a new Affiliate Area section of the Zenva Academy website will be available to you, which has additional functionality. Check out this article for a walkthrough on generating your affiliate links: How to generate your affiliate links



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